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Texas Dental IT Services

At HTI, we're your trusted partner in ensuring your dental practice of any size thrives in the digital age. Explore how our Dental IT Solutions in Texas can transform your operations.

We're not just an IT company. We're your partner in helping your practice succeed.

How can we help you ?

Solo Practitioner

At HTI, we protect your office with dental-specific technical expertise and HIPAA Compliant IT solutions.

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Multi-Location Dental Group Practices

Our secure, and layered solutions maximize protection and minimize risks for your practices.

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We understand the unique technology needs of DSOs and offer a full suite of services to drive long-term security and success.

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How does HTI handle urgent support requests?

HTI's remote IT support services are designed to help dental practices stay on schedule and provide the best possible care to their patients. Our team of expert dental-specific technicians is always ready to address issues swiftly and efficiently, no matter how complex. We prioritize rapid response without compromising on quality, so you can
focus on your patients and not your IT.

IT Solutions for dentists and dsos

What you can get

Don't let IT issues hold you back; choose HTI as your trusted partner in success. Contact us today to discuss how our Dental IT Services in Texas can revolutionize your practice.

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