Dental-Specific Technology That Works for DSOs and the People in Them.

HTI delivers competitively priced solutions uniquely crafted to ensure DSOs are protected and supported.
Dental IT Services for DSOs

HTI partners with DSOs nationwide to deliver robust, secure, and cost-effective dental IT solutions that optimize operational efficiency and drive profitability in the digital age. Our suite of services includes desktop support, ransomware protection, and cloud backup, all tailored to the unique needs of DSOs.

We can get your multiple offices on one cohesive IT network so you can focus on what matters most: your patients.

Here is how we can help you!

Less Interruptions and More Uptime

Waiting for a technician to come into your office not only takes longer but it disrupts time with your patients and cash flow. Our techs can remote-in to an office within minutes and 95% of the time, we’re able to resolve issues remotely!

State-of-the-Art Security

Our team of cybersecurity specialists and industry-certified technicians are experts in continuous threat monitoring, remediation and analyses. We also proactively train your staff on technology best practices for a secure infrastructure.

Dental-Specific Solutions

Trusted by thousands of clients within the dental industry for over 27 years, HTI is one of the leading dental-specific managed service providers in the United States. From practice management of your imaging software to CBCT of your peripherals, we have seen it before and are ready to help!

Scalability of IT Infrastructure

We’ll evaluate your current setup and proactively make recommendations based upon the most up-to-date technology. The right solutions will help to increase efficiency, broaden treatments offered and improve every patient’s experience.

Proactive Approach

Technology has “planned obsolescence” built-into the very fabric so it makes little sense for a DSO to continually be forced to reinvest in large, up-front capital expenditures for declining assets. We are constantly scouring the digital horizon, finding new technologies and opportunities to make our clients’ practices more productive and profitable. If a technology doesn’t provide a competitive advantage or increase profitability, there is no reason to deploy it.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery ​

With HTI, your data is fully protected, encrypted and HIPAA compliant. We ensure server availability in the Cloud and our customers benefit from a series of proactive workflows including system monitoring and patching to ensure optimal performance.

World-Class Service

Every customer has a certified technical account rep who is exclusively responsible for their account. Whether it’s upgrading software and hardware, resolving troubleshooting issues or onboarding and removing staff, everything will be completed promptly and professionally!

Due Diligence

At HTI, we understand the complexities and risks involved in acquiring a new practice. We’re here to help you navigate a seamless integration of your technology and identify any potential pitfalls along the way.

Flexible Pricing

Our tiered pricing model allows you to choose which service level best suits your current needs. Whether its break-fix only, full-scale MSP or somewhere in the middle, we can accommodate your current needs and expand your offerings as you grow.

On-Demand Training

HTI offers training via Google Meets, podcasts or in person, as we believe education and knowledge is paramount to success. We also have an e-library of white papers on topics such as “Ransomware Readiness,” “Password Security” and “The Paperless Office” as well as bi-monthly tech update emails to keep our customers informed.

At the heart of our growth is a superior client experience, which is something that has arisen from the collective effort of everyone at HTI.

DSOs are coming to us because they can recognize our level of technical sophistication but more importantly, they know that they won’t become just another account number, when working with us.

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