Streamline Practice Operations with a Top-Rated VoIP Phone System

Zultys’ healthcare systems improve collaboration, communication and patient care for small and medium businesses.

Deliver Better Patient Care

If there’s one industry under the national spotlight for needing to be one step ahead of the technology game, it’s healthcare! From providing better patient care and responsiveness to improving processes while cutting costs, there is a constant pressure for innovation and efficiency.

Zultys IP Phone Systems are revolutionizing the way healthcare organizations communicate. A reliable VoIP communications system can help facilities communicate and collaborate 24/7 whether it’s in the office, at the home or on the move. Zultys’ complete solution integrates voice, data, video, presence and mobility solutions into a single corporate unified communication systems – ultimately helping to lower costs, improve productivity and provide better patient care.

Zultys Can Help Your Dental Practice

Enhancing communications improves a patient’s experience with medical staff and promotes better collaboration between physicians and other healthcare providers, locally or across the country, resulting in better patient care.
Failure to protect how private and sensitive patient information is shared places healthcare organizations at risk. Zultys IP PBX and associated endpoints provide security encryption standards to help mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance requirements are met.
A single VoIP solution can fulfill the communications requirements of an entire organization including smaller remote offices, satellite facilities, and mobile employees on a variety of devices including desk phones, desktop PCs, laptops and smart phones. One seamless IP network reduces long distance fees and eliminates the need for a separate phone system at each location. Zultys health care systems are affordable, integrate with legacy systems for investment preservation and are scalable, allowing the system to grow as your facilities expand.
With Zultys Healthcare systems,you can reach employee, doctor, or administrators within your organization by forwarding extensions to cell phones, home phones and make that forward conditional on time of day, day of week, even by caller ID. It can even ring on their extension and cell phone at the same time! ‘Presence’ provides you with notifications of meetings and monitors desktop activity so you always know when employees are available at their desk or station, busy or away from their station, busy or available, allowing healthcare employees to be more responsive to patient needs.
Emergencies in healthcare happen all the time, and waiting to get a hold of a person is sometimes NOT an option. You can instant message anyone in the hospital, office or working remotely, EVEN if they are on their phone.
Do your docs and administrators carry smart phones, tablets or other devices to get email? With unified messaging voice messages can reach your medical team wherever they are. Nursing staff can find and respond to important voice mails from physicians, patients, pharmacies, etc., very quickly on your computer, tablet or smart phone. They can access and listen to them right through their email interface, then save, forward or archive them for compliance reasons or validation at a later date.
Providing outstanding patient care requires a team effort. Multiple party audio and video conferencing with MXconferencing delivers superb clarity and ease of implementation. With MXmeeting, our collaboration tool, you can instantly share your computer screen with others to review charts, work on documents and patient care plans, white board facility plans and highlight any chart. You can even record the session for later review, follow-up, archiving and compliance. MXmeeting incorporates high definition display enabling providers the greatest degree of granularity, detail and resolution available.
Healthcare organizations still heavily rely on faxes being sent between physicians, hospitals, health insurance companies and pharmacies. Our systems easily include the ability to fax from your desktop and receive faxes directly at your desktop to ensure patient privacy.
Healthcare facilities need to be able to alert and advise different entities on an as needed basis. You can set this up to page in various zones, whether it be patient care floors or reaching specific medical teams or groups, even if they are working remotely.
Interconnecting workflow systems with IP communications allows healthcare organizations to streamline procedures and move towards better organizational effectiveness.
Going through JCAHO or other certification or compliance? Need to have your conversations encrypted? Zultys Healthcare Systems feature Security (128 Bit AES) so you be assured that conversations and messages will not be compromised. Zultys Healthcare systems can easily save and store conversations to your laptop, desktop, server or archive them for many years to come.
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