HTI Brings Enterprise-Level Dental IT Solutions to Solo Practitioners, Multi-Practices and DSO’s

Advancing dental practices nationwide through efficiency, productivity, security, and seamless tech integration.

" We are thrilled to be celebrating our 27th anniversary and it's privilege to reach this level. Our formula for success has been quite simple. We've been fortunate enough to attract employees who are world-class at what they do and have a true passion to serve. I am honored to be leading such a talented group of individuals. When you have such a talented staff deploying their IT expertise into the dental practices we serve, it's a recipe for thrilled, loyal and profitable customers."

- Javed Uddin, Founder & CEO, HTI

Our Story:

In 1997, Javed Uddin founded HTI with the core intention of helping dentists solve their most frustrating, recurring problems with the latest advancements in technology. Alongside Zain Asif, he built the company with a straightforward approach and through consultative, no-fee and no-obligation visits to prospective client’s practices, they interviewed dentists to understand their vision for how they wanted their practices to ideally run. Leveraging their extensive expertise of various dental IT technologies, they were able to introduce IT systems that would fulfill each dentist’s vision.

While we’re very proud of our growth and the level of sophistication we now operate with, especially through our experiences with DSOs, we still haven’t forgotten the core reason why dentists continue to work with us. Through technology, at HTI we can permanently solve problems you think you just have to tolerate. Downtime and patient frustration is no longer an option for our clients, and technology has made so many of those day-to-day headaches completely obsolete. While our technical team is very strong, we still remember that above all else, the ultimate point of any IT system is to improve the lives of our clients. We consider it our responsibility to set our clients up with a technological environment that makes it easy for them to thrive.

Cybercriminals have targeted dental practices for their highly sought-after patient data, which has augmented the need for cybersecurity and ransomware protection. In the same manner that HTI has always remained ahead of the curve, at HTI we have anticipated this current concern and deployed several cybersecurity solutions to give our customers peace of mind. Now, with a robust suite of cybersecurity solutions including ransomware protection, firewalls, dark web monitoring, business continuity, phishing protection and a Cybershield solution, we keep dental practices safe as hackers become more emboldened.

" We are also very appreciative of our long-term clients, some of which have been with us for over 20 years, for giving us the opportunity to serve them. Our philosophy is to be their IT partner and to advise them as if they were part of our own company. That level partnership has aligned values and brought us to a level that we’re very proud of. We look forward to continuing to innovate new solutions for our customers, so that the moment they realize that they have an IT problem, it’s already been solved. "

- Javed Uddin, Founder & CEO, HTI

Our team of Cybersecurity Experts is trained and certified to prevent, detect and respond to the everyday security threats your office may face.

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