Protection against cyber threats requires continuous understanding of current risks followed by proactive remediation.

Your Partner in Dental-Specific Cybersecurity

vulnerability management for dsos and dental offices
vulnerability management for DSOs

HTI’s Cyber Shield Vulnerability Management program can quickly identify these risks by level of severity. Cyber Shield moves beyond a “snapshot-in-time” to a proactive state of routine scanning for the discovery of new threats or flawed conditions within the environment that put practices at risk. Findings are prioritized based on the type and impact of the vulnerability and flagged for immediate attention for remediation.

Routine Scanning for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

Cyber Shield Vulnerability Management scans for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE). CVEs are flaws in IT systems that can be exploited to damage an organization or computer system. A CVE tracking list was launched by MITRE Corp in 1999, and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) also publishes a list. As new flaws are discovered, they are added to the CVE list and assigned a criticality rating. Security best practice calls for organizations to fix CVEs found in their environment as soon as possible beginning with those most critical. Many breaches that made headline news originated from exploit of a CVE.

Vulnerability scans provide insights on areas of risk and where we advise you to focus on remediation efforts.

vulnerability management platform screenshot
vulnerability management platform screenshot

Discover vulnerability findings related to OS and 3rd party patching needs, BIOS updates, critical OS configurations and more

Cyber Shield Vulnerability Management is a solution within the HTI Cybersecurity portfolio, which integrates secure, proactive layers built and designed for the dental industry.

Starting at just $199 per location for monthly vulnerability scans and up to $450 per location for both scans and remediation, HTI will pinpoint areas of greatest risk plus share our recommendations for improving your defense-in-depth.

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