Secure Your Critical Business Assets

Keeping pace with the chaos of rapidly evolving cyber threats and the expertise to make sense of it all can be challenging.

ProTect keeps our clients’ data protected and their IT systems running smoothly.

Why is cybersecurity important for my practice?

In the aftermath of a cyber-attack, you could be looking at some significant damage, including:

What can I do to prevent my practice from a cyber-attack?

As a dental practitioner, you can create a culture that encourages your staff to ask questions and think before they act. This can help prevent your employee from clicking on a phishing email or downloading an attachment that infects practice computers with ransomware

What can I do to keep my patients’ information safe?

Create a stable IT environment with a plan and policies in place to help you manage the situation in case a data breach occurs. Promote cyber awareness by encouraging continuous learning and offering training.

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Ransomware protection is best left to the professionals!

Real-Time Behavioral Detection

Using a real-time code execution engine, ProTect monitors all endpoint processes and is able to predict advanced attacks based on the execution behavior of the suspicious software. By looking for symptoms rather than specific viruses, ProTect can detect and prevent ransomware that evades conventional antivirus software.

Roll-Back Feature

Ransomware specifically relies on encrypting the operating system and files and many of the more advanced variants can eliminate the victim’s ability to recover their data. With ProTect’s roll-back feature, it is able to restore files that have been maliciously encrypted or deleted to their previous state – all with a single click!

Predictive Execution Inspection

ProTect is able to detect and respond to what is happening on the endpoint, as it happens, which is why it is so effective in finding extremely advanced ransomware. With an antivirus software alone, you are only able to analyze files through “static filters”, which are historical and based on what the software has already seen rather than what is happening in real time.

Cloud Intelligence

ProTect uses cloud intelligence to block known threats using a unique approach called “passive scanning.” It constantly monitors every file and process on the endpoint of the server and sends information to the cloud intelligence service, where it is scanned in real time by dozens of scan engines and leading reputation services. When a known threat is found, it is immediately blocked before the user is exposed to any risk.

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