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We’d like to ask you a few questions about your current IT company. Your insights will
help us curate a HIPAA compliant, cyber-secure solution perfectly designed for your practice.

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Who is doing your backup? Do you know
where your backup goes?

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Is your backup HIPAA compliant, encrypted
and password protected?

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Do you have a local onsite backup?

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Do you have an offsite backup?

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Is your backup monitored and verified?

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Do you receive daily backup reports?

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Does your IT provider monitor your network
24/7 and remediate when necessary?

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Do you have Enterprise Level Antivirus,
Malware and Spyware on all computers?

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Do all of your computers have AI Ransomware
Protection Software?

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Do you have a current Firewall?
Is it monitored?

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Do you and your IT provider have a Recovery
Plan in the event of a system failure?

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Is your network running on a Microsoft
Windows Server 2012 operating system?

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