An Organization’s Most Important Asset for Success and Continuity is DATA. Don’t Believe it? Unplug Your Computers for One Day.

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Data backup and disaster recovery solution

The 24x7 managed backup solution:

Whether natural disaster, cyberattack, or plain-old human error, data can disappear in the blink of an eye. The HTI BDR delivers reliable and secure backup and disaster recovery backed by powerful automation and a 24/7 NOC to get you back to work in minutes, not days.

The HTI BDR provides:

Advanced Data Verification

Automated recovery-point checks provide a time-lapse video of the entire recovery boot process to give you maximum visibility and faster issue resolution.

Continuous Data Protection

Block-level backups deliver efficient storage and superior resource usage. Less wear-and-tear, more data availability.

Backup Monitoring

Certified NOC technicians manage the day-to-day monitoring and troubleshooting of backups and recovery, so issues are resolved before you are even notified.

Instant Virtualization

Recovery is measured in minutes—not hours or days, so you can say goodbye to downtime once and for all.

HTI’s BDR Package includes everything you need for complete backup and disaster recovery service, with no hidden costs.

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