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Proactive solutions for all your dental technology needs.


ProCare is a three tiered PROACTIVE approach to Managed IT Services that provides comprehensive medical and dental IT maintenance and monitoring solutions to meet the growing computer maintenance needs of today’s healthcare world.

We understand that every practice has different I.T. needs and we are dedicated to providing managed IT solutions that best fit those individual needs. Our ProCare program is designed to help you anticipate and mitigate down time, provide you peace of mind that your infrastructure is healthy, your patient records are secure and when an incident does happen you’re protected.


Our advanced managed IT services equip you with the dental IT support you need to work efficiently, increase productivity, and reduce downtime.

A well managed IT solution is an excellent facilitator for dental and medical clinics that carry out both simple and complex dental practices requiring information technology and systems. A straightened dental practice IT support system gives you a superb hold over your facility’s productivity and keeps you ahead of the industry. It helps your dental office run smoothly, flexibly and resiliently, giving you enough time to focus your energy on delivering quality dental services.

If you’re looking to have an increased office growth and development, it’s vital you have a well designed and managed IT infrastructure that’ll play a central role in your operations. With a well managed IT system, you’ll also beef up your customer support and enhance your customer relationship efforts.

Generally, an excellently managed dental office IT services improve business efficiency, customer relationship, data security, and facility operations and maintainability.

System downtime is no longer an option.
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Experienced and Affordable Dental Office Managed IT Solution.

HTI helps you make an expert choice on the best way to manage your IT services for optimal results. We offer you innovative solutions aimed at promoting your practice and projecting profitable growth. To ensure you get the best, we go above and beyond to ensure we offer you reliable and quality IT solutions. We spend quality time with you discussing your goals and options and going with the best. We understand that every dental office has unique dental office support needs, and we’re dedicated to providing the medical and dental IT solutions that best fit your needs.

We support over 1000 dental and healthcare offices with our services, and our reputation exceeds our presence. We offer affordable and bespoke medical and dental managed IT solutions, and our talented, passionate, and friendly technicians ensure you get maximum customer satisfaction at every encounter. We attend to all levels of practice, and we bring out the best in your service delivery

We offer a free network consultation aimed at helping you understand the needs of your practice. Are you ready to get started?


Taking full ownership of your IT infrastructure is part of the HTI mission. With the variety of software, hardware, imaging, and Cad Cam components and manufacturers, our Vendor Management service helps eliminate several calls to different distribution and manufacturing companies from you and your staff. Our goal is to allow your practice to focus on patient care and running efficiently through issues that may arise.

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