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Why Do I Need a
Dental IT Company?

We provide reliable IT support for Dental Offices

When you work with HTI, you cut costs of setting up a full-time in-house IT department and rechannel the finance to pressing aspects of your practice. You have unlimited access to industry experts with standby dental IT infrastructure and support and quick response time. As Dental IT professionals with years of experience, we partner with you as a virtual IT department, increasing your productivity and mitigating business risks. We give you peace of mind while helping you stay HIPAA compliant

We start by evaluating your facility’s current IT status; from infrastructure to hardware, industry applications, and vendors. Then we’ll work with you to analyze your critical practice processes and vulnerabilities and perform a threat analysis that’ll help us discover and eliminate every risk your practice faces. After these preliminary steps, we proceed with designing a managed dental IT support that aligns with your long-term goals.

Experienced in: Panoramic Dental X-ray, Softdent, WindowsOMS, Eagle Soft, Dentrix, Patterson Imaging, Open Dental, QuickBooks, VoIP, Cybersecurity, PCI Compliance, HIPAA Compliance as well as many others.

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