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HTI Add-on Services

Smart Technology for your Dental and Medical Practice.


Surveillance is critical for all dental and medical offices to minimize the impact of downtime, floods, power outages and virus attacks. Installing efficient and secured surveillance systems is mandatory for all dental and medical practices to allow them to operate without interruptions in times of disaster.


Surveillance camera security solutions can go a long way to help defend practices against HIPAA violations. High Tech Innovations provide easy monitoring solutions for dental and medical practices. HTI surveillance systems can keep an eye on valuable office records and assets and protect practices from being vandalized anytime.

VoIP Phone systems

Communication with outside world can actually make or break a business. As technology for healthcare businesses advances, the need for adequate communication tools for dental and medical offices also increases. A proactive dental office phone system allows patients to confidently contact in emergencies or for scheduling regular appointments, as, not many will continue to contact an unresponsive dental office for their dental needs.Traditional phone systems are hard to manage and provide inferior call quality. However, VoIP phones not only provide better voice communication but also reduce call costs, enhance flexibility and ensure smooth communication. VoIP technology unifies voice mail, email and instant messaging on a single platform to gain consistency and congruence for dental office communication .

High Tech Innovations , Pulsar360 and dentaltek together offer incredible solutions for healthcare practitioners to benefit them from this technology. HTI’s VoIP solutions set a high standard in quality communication with scalability and flexibility for practices and provide a competitive edge in the industry.

Structured Cabling and Wiring Solutions

A planned and well-executed computer infrastructure is the essential cog of a business to improve bottom-line profitability. Growing dental practices require organized computing infrastructures to keep their costs low. Following this approach, progressive practices are now adopting a holistic view in meeting their cabling requirements by acquiring such design and deployment strategies that offer superior quality support for today’s dental technologies.

Just like other business environments, commonly occurring pitfalls in healthcare cabling infrastructure deployment may complicate installations, decrease operational efficiency, and can reduce infrastructure’s ability to deal with important changes and growth over time. Therefore, modern dental practices require structured cabling and network infrastructure to provide higher levels of reliability, performance and manageability.


HTI’s integrated cabling and network wiring solutions can be relied upon for years to come. Our professionals are well known in the industry to provide network-cabling installations, server cabling, voice data and video wiring solutions for both old and new office structures.