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Cyber Security Threats are on the Rise.
Is your Practice Protected?


ProTect is a comprehensive cyber-protection program that gives an office, real-time visibility into its internet environment vulnerabilities. This will allow us, your IT consulting partner, to determine the best approach to protect you and your staff from specific risks and threats. In very simple steps, we will run comprehensive reports on your site, and we will define the appropriate level of acceptable risk. We will then proactively monitor and address coverage gaps with ease, ensuring complete protection from today’s increasingly advanced threats.

  • Determine a set of appropriate Internet Security Standards for the office and design a Network Security Profile
  • Monitor & Report on that ‘Profile’ with Risk Scoring and Alert Thresholds Workstation and User Security Reports
  • Advanced Internet Security Services called DNS Protection will be implemented to protect from known bad sites
  • Security Awareness Training – includes controlled Phishing Campaigns on the office email system.