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Network Solutions

HTI offers you full medical and dental network solutions designed to strengthen your IT infrastructure and serve as a backbone for your operations.

It’s not unusual to get overwhelmed by today’s powerful medical and dental digital technologies and forget about the logistics that keep them running. In an industry as critical as medical and health, probabilities are risky, and every individual technology must be certified excellent to avoid emergencies.

An excellent network solution serves as the infrastructure that supports the performance of your dental office computer network and the entire system. It binds PCs, phones, and other analog and digital devices, providing a reliable communication channel while enhancing service delivery. A well designed, installed and managed dental IT network solution gives you a superb hold over your productivity and keeps your dental clinic ahead of industry competition. It cuts IT costs that may result from mismanaged operations, thereby increasing your revenue and reducing operation cost.

Our free technology assessment is the simplest way to understand the needs of your practice

Dental Technology Integration

At HTI, our network solutions help you achieve efficiency and improve savings by covering every critical dental server, and IT needs you may have both at present and in the future. We offer you a timely, cost-friendly service that helps you prevent dental emergencies, ballooning budgets, poor planning, and shoddy schedules. This gives you enhanced practice flexibility, reduced risk of downtime, technical simplicity, and easy maintainability, data security, and smooth office operations.

Our sustainable network solutions are flexible and adjustable to any location change in networking or infrastructure without any workflow disruption. Our expert project managers and technicians deliver speed, value, and quality from start to finish.

Experienced and Affordable Dental Office Network Solution

We support over 1000 dental and healthcare offices with our services, and our reputation exceeds our presence. We offer affordable and specialized medical and dental network solutions and our talented, passionate, and friendly technicians ensure you get maximum customer satisfaction at every encounter. We attend to all levels of practice, and we bring out the best in your service delivery.

We offer a free technology assessment aimed at helping you understand the needs of your practice.Are you ready to get started?