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Dental Offices and Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks targeting smaller dental offices are increasing at an alarming rate. This results in complete loss of trust towards dental practices when...

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Vaccination Scams

It hasn’t even been available for a minute and we’re already being warned about scams surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination. With healthcare being ...

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Threat to Healthcare

We have had quite a year so far in 2020, and if you are in healthcare, you were hit especially hard with something that you likely didn’t adequately...

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Let’s take a look at the HITECH Act and an overview of what it is and how it relates to HIPAA. Formed in 2009, the Health Information Technology...

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Notification Rule

Timing is Everything A data breach within your business. You think it won’t happen, you hope it doesn’t happen, but what if it does happen? What a...