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Thwart targeted threats and build trustful relations with your patients.

Send and receive any confidential data including patient health records, and critical business information safely. Ensure your communication is secure so you concentrate on what is important without worrying about your information getting into the wrong hands.

Avoid business risks and protect your important information.

end-to-end encryption, Email encryption and hosting, Dental IT

End-to-End Encryption

Protect your privacy/safeguard your data

End-to-End encryption protects the content from being read by third parties. It ensures your data security

Email encryption and hosting, Dental IT,Easy to use

Easy to Use

No additional work

Send and receive emails securely with a simple click of a button.

Email encryption and hosting, Dental IT, efficiency


Saves your time

You just need to type and send mail. No need to take additional steps to ensure security. Everything will be managed at the backend.

Email encryption and hosting, Dental IT, HIPAA compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Avoid identity theft

Gives you that extra assurance that your patient information is protected from any unauthorized access.

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