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Don’t wait till a threat become a breach

CyberSecurity awareness & training gives your employees the right tools to help keep your practice data secure. 

Detailed training with an engaging and convenient online format covers data security and best practices to protect Personal Health Information (PHI) and sensitive practice data.

CyberSecurity awareness training is one of the most important security requirements for any size organization and is crucial to avoid security risks. An effective training program can turn your employees into defense assets and a well-trained workforce can show better resistance to sophisticated cyberattacks.

Your employees are the front line of defense. Strengthen your first layer of defense against email phishing, ransomware attacks, and data breaches. To combat these risks, a strong cybersecurity awareness & training program can guide your employees of the security risks they may have to face within the workplace and how they can properly observe, defend, and report a suspected malicious activity.

What we do

Educate your employees on the risks they face with engaging, video-based security awareness training so you can help them better protect themselves and your practice.

Annual Security Awareness Training course reduces employee-induced errors with cybersecurity training.By engaging in our security awareness training focused on phishing, ransomware, and business email compromise scams, you are implementing a proactive approach to preventing a data breach.

We provide an ongoing education solution with continuous phishing and dark web monitoring, an Employee Vulnerability Assessment, & more!.

CyberSecurity Awareness and Training Framework

CyberSecurity Awareness and Training Framework

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Train your employees to protect your systems and data. 

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