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Leverage our specialized business continuity and resilience services to defend your clinic’s infrastructure, maintain your availability, and recover quickly when there are emergency breakdowns and disruptions. We help you minimize the impact of disruption and recover within minutes of a system breakdown.

How secure is your data if you experience a power outage, fire, flood, or theft?

Data loss during emergency breakdowns and attacks are increasingly becoming less acceptable with clients’ increased awareness of the value of their data. Organizations are beginning to take measures to set up resiliency strategies because there are slim chances of recovering data when they’re lost as a result of an emergency. With this, zero downtime and availability of vital data is no longer an option, but a necessity, because it’s a crucial point for organizational success. A business continuity strategy that seamlessly responds to IT complexities and interdependency across all physical and virtual resources can highlight the difference between quickly resuming normal operations and prolonged disruption.

We offer a 2 in 1 data protection which features both offsite and onsite backup in 1 product. We don’t stop at the basics, ‘we back up our back up’ by providing a virtual standby dental office server that is ready to manage emergencies like a server crash or hardware failure.

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Nationwide Experts in Medical and Dental office business continuity

As experts, we understand the essence of securing all your data, including patient information and financials on reliable backup solutions. We work with you to overcome all challenges relating to developing a business continuity plan and detecting, responding, and recovering fast from any form of disruption and cyber attacks. Our services are structured to support your practice across environments, both on cloud and physical storages. This helps you minimize risk and avoid costly incidents with business continuity and disaster recovery services.

With a strengthened data backup framework, you’ll minimize downtime and have your business up and running at all times not minding whether there are emergencies or not. It gives the reassurance that a dental office’s critical data are secure both physical and digitally. Having a competent dental IT service provider handling your data management and backup gives you a relaxed state of mind and give you more time to focus on your practice.

We support over 1000 dental and healthcare offices with our services, and our reputation exceeds our presence. We offer affordable and bespoke business continuity solutions and our talented, passionate, and friendly technicians ensure you get maximum customer satisfaction at every encounter. We attend to all levels of practice, and we bring out the best in your service delivery.

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