Dental Offices and Cybersecurity

Dental IT, Dental Offices and cybersecurity

Cyberattacks targeting smaller dental offices are increasing at an alarming rate. This results in complete loss of trust towards dental practices when patients learn that their Social Security Number and other personal data has been hacked. Besides affecting the regular workflow, loss of patients’ trust not only causes general disruption of business, but also affects practice’s reputation.

Especially prevalent against dental offices are ransomware attacks these days that takes a computer system hostage and demands payment in return to unlock them. This is one of the most common attacks against dental offices today. Victims of ransomware attacks have to pay hefty amounts of dollars to the hackers for the immediate release of their important patient information.

Ransomware is usually spread through opening of an email attachment or a link to a site that allows malware to be downloaded onto the user’s computer. Like every other cyber-attack, ransomware threats are also increasing and becoming more sophisticated day by day. Newer types of ransomware target dental offices and break into their IT support system.

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