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General Technology

Dental integrators logo
DIA, a network of leading dental technology firms delivers a high standard in dental technology integration. Shared platform of DIA features combination of HTI’s skills and expertise with other leading firms from the industry.

Dell Logo
Dell offers the most reliable technology services, solutions and support to dental and healthcare industry and HTI is proud to be associated with Dell as its premier partner.

Storage Craft
Storage Craft is a trusted name in the field of backup software, disaster recovery, data protection, security and migration solutions for servers, desktops and laptops. Both HTI and Storage Craft share a strengthening relationship.

Pulsar360 Logo
Pulsar 360 is the oldest and the most credible company in United States and Canada that deals with VoIP or digital phone service. HTI and Pulsar 360 together aim to achieve excellence in the field of digital communication.

dentaltek logo
Dentaltek provides cloud based solutions which integrate well with the existing Dental Practice Management Software. Their innovative and state-of-the-art solutions combine five technologies into one cloud based solution. HTI and Dentaltek partnership is aimed to achieve new milestones in the delivery of efficient technological systems.

                  Webroot Logo
Webroot delivers high profile security and threat intelligence services to protect individuals and businesses. HTI is an authorized partner of Webroot’s MSP Program.

QNAP provides networked solutions for file sharing, storage management, virtualization and surveillance applications to meet corporate, SOHO, SMB and home user needs. QNAP and HTI jointly set a new milestone for the development of digital technological solutions


HIPAA Compliance

Henry Schein Logo
HTI and OfficeSafe have now made HIPAA compliance easy for the practice owners. Our clients can now experience a greater level of confidence while securing their patient data and becoming HIPAA compliant.

Healthcare Technology

Henry Schein Logo
Henry Schein Medical Systems is a renowned name for stable and affordable software solutions that offers services to community health centers, small healthcare practices and high profile medical groups. Collaborative efforts of HTI and Henry Schein allow directing a techno-driven environment.

Light house Logo
Lighthouse 360 has made practice management and patient communication simpler than ever before with their easy to use dental practice management software. HTI takes pride in being associated with light house 360 as their certified partner.

Dentrix Logo
Dentrix provides dental practice management software, voice recognition software, patient education software, imaging software, computer-based training software and many other products to enhance the experience of a dental office. HTI and Dentrix together ensure promptness in meeting the technical needs of dental industry.

Patterson Eaglesoft Logo
Patterson Eaglesoft supplies premiere dental practice management software, imaging and clinical software solution using the most advanced tools to help easily track patient scheduling, insurance claims, treatment plans, recalls and other things needed to manage a practice’s front office efficiently. Patterson Eaglesoft and HTI go hand in hand to deliver and maintain excellence in the field of clinical software management.

Carestream Dental Logo
Carestream Dental is a leading industry supplier of dental equipment including imaging systems and dental practice management software solutions for both dental and oral health professionals. The unification of professional skills of both HTI and Carestream Dental is focused to deliver exceptional patient care.

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